Written by Anish Bhatt

Connect to slack via irc/irssi

Note : Slack teams need to have the irc gateway enabled by the team admin for this to work.

This post provides a configuration example for irssi. Generic irc connection information for slack can be found at this page.

First, obtain your irc gateway priveleges by going to https://\.slack.com/account/gateways</code>

and fill out \</code>, \</code> and \</code> in the following commands.

/network add -nick <user> slack
/server add -auto -ssl -network slack <host> 6697 <pass>

You only need the -ssl flag if your team admin has required ssl for irc connections. If no ssl is required, ports 6667 and 8000 can be used as well.

You can now connect to slack by typing

/connect slack

This will open up new windows for every channel in your team and you should be good to go.

As slack users become active or inactive, you’ll see the following active/inactive messages in your channel.

11:02 -!- mode/#general [+v foo : active] by foo
11:03 -!- mode/#general [-v foo : away] by foo

You can hide these messages via

/ignore -network slack * MODES
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