Written by Anish Bhatt

LDAP integration with phabricator

Where RTFM is no good

This post tells you how to use connect phabricator to your LDAP server for auth credentials

When it comes to code review Gerrit is pretty much unbeatable. Sadly, since it’s git only, and our internal codebase is hosted on Mercurial, this was of no use to us.

Enter phabricator. While the setup is pretty easy (even the manual installation on RHEL 5), the configuration is not as straightforward as I would like, with using LDAP integration for authentication not quite working as expected. Specifically our LDAP server did not support anonymous searches. While there are a few examples floating around the web, I couldn’t really find one that worked. ldapsearch actually proved to be quite helpful here. An easy way to try this out is to run the following command :

ldapsearch -h bar.foodomain.com -p 389 -x -b "CN=Users,dc=foodomain,dc=com" -D "foodomain\user" -W | less

Where bar.foodomain.com is your ldap server, and user is your ldap login name. The -x indicates use simple authentication, and -W prompts for the password for ‘user’. If this command worked for you, then the following configuration should work for LDAP in phabricator

* Hostname: bar.foodomain.com
* Port: 389
* Base DN:  dc=foodomain,dc=com
* Search Attribute: sAMAccountName
* Always Search : No
* Username Attributes: sAMAccountName
* Real Name attributes: displayName
* LDAP Version: 3
* Referrals: No
* Use TLS: No
* Active Directory Domain:  foodomain

A sample return for ldapsearch looks something similar to this (abbreviated for brevity) :

dn: CN=Bob Bobberson,CN=Users,DC=foodomain,DC=com
objectClass: top
objectClass: person
objectClass: organizationalPerson
objectClass: user
cn: Bob Bobberson
sn: Bobberson
description: Burger Wrangler
telephoneNumber: 311-555-2368
givenName: Bob
distinguishedName: CN=Bob Bobberson,CN=Users,DC=foodomain,DC=com
displayName: Bob Bobberson
mailNickname: burgerguy
name: Bob Bobberson
sAMAccountName: burgerguy
sAMAccountType: 705403368
userPrincipalName: burgerguy@foodomain.com
objectCategory: CN=Person,CN=Schema,CN=Config,DC=foodomain,DC=com
mail: burgerguy@fodomain.com

Username Attributes & Real name attributes were based on this sample return. The phabricator config actually recommends using sn instead of sAMAccount, this did not work for me. These values are not case sensitive. You can replace displayName with givenName,sn or pretty much any combination of returned attributes.

Note : a lot of places seem to recommend specifying Real Name attributes as ["givenName","sn"] instead of givenName,sn but only the format without the brackets & quotes worked for me. You can also use the auth test utility shipped with phabricator to test ldap via phabricator/bin/auth ldap. It uses ldap settings set in phabricator > auth > ldap.

Simple LDAP configuration only allows you to login via ldap, you still need to import ldap users into phabricator for it to work correctly. To do this go to phabricator > people > import from ldap. Enter any useable username/password combo, and an ldap query to search for users to import. Based on the sample return above, a useable query would be (objectClass=person). Note: if the root user uses an email address found in ldap search, you won’t be able to add that particular user to phabricator, as phabricator will detect a duplicate entry of the email address.

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