Written by Anish Bhatt

Building a DCS keycap set for an Ergodox

real keyboards have curves

I really liked the sculpted DCS family from Signature Plastics but couldn’t find too many resources on what you need to build a DCS keycap set for the Ergodox. Overall, spherical seems to be the preferred (and cheaper) choice for this. The biggest issue you will face is that there are no vertical 1.5 keys in the DCS family, and you need to reuse the 1.5 horizontal keys for your vertical ones. This is broadly what you need :

My actual configuration is slightly different because I used keys from multiple rows to give a better feel on Row 1, you can see the full config with colours and applicable rows here. I used 2x R2 x1.5 and 2 x R3 x 1.5 for the 1.5 verticals, with coloured accents for the corner keys, all in PBT. The stock on the vertical keys varies, so you might have to make some substitutions.

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